January 4, 2006

Spring training

Days this year without snow = 4
Days this year without sunshine = 4

I think we over 10 days now without sunshine but I don't know the exact count so I am starting at what I know.
I must have jinxed myself with the last blog because no more than two days later the rain was pouring down and the snow was sitting in puddles over the road since all the sewers were backed up with leaves. So much for cross training this month. I resorted to doing sit-ups for the last couple of days for a workout but even that wasn't enough so today and went out and rode for a couple of hours just for the heck of it. It wasn't too bad, I didn't get rained on and my feet stayed warm and dry since I have the full fender setup rockin' ,but I guess I'd rather be doing something else for just a little longer.

It's official. I will be riding for the Trek/VW team again this year and it looks like the first race of the year will be the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, Ca. I'm pretty excited about doing the Sea Otter since I have never done that race before, but racing the first weekend of April makes me a little nervous since it's so early. I plan on doing the full NORBA circus again and this year, I am planning on doing the World Cup at Mont Sainte Ann, Quebec, and would really like to qualify for world championships in New Zealand. I'm really hoping I can carry some of my CX form into the season and hopefully raise the bar on my mountain bike fitness. Time will tell of course, but it's always exciting ending one season and looking forward to the next and wondering what your legs are going to say about it all. And who knows, maybe it will snow tomorrow amd I can forget about riding again for a few more weeks!

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