December 31, 2005

Cross training - a welcome break

It didn't look that great last night as it poured rain, but Greenbush, WI must be a magical land as 3+ inches of snow fell overnight while we got 1/2" of slushy water in Sheboygan.
There was still a decent base holding tough over the last few days of warm weather so the extra 3" made it great. Plus, the wet snow stuck to all the trees making the views fantastic. Greenbush is definitely a great place to ski because the terrain changes so much and your skiing narrow trails that are almost all in thick forest.

It feels really good to get out and ski for 2.5 hours this time of the year because I definitely don't feel, or need, to be riding quite yet, but I always feel lazy if I don't so the cross training is really nice. I sometimes think I like skiing as much as I like riding, when the snow is good and you can get going pretty good it's such a rush, plus, your whole body is working and it feels pretty good.
We had a pretty good group of cyclists skiing this morning too, which always seems to make it a little more exciting hearing all the poles squeaking in the snow. Good exercise with zero pressure or goals, cant beat skiing if you ask me.

The views from today

Can't beat trails like this anywhere

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Jordan Peterson said...

Do you ski a lot of your base miles?