December 30, 2005


I read this today and thought it was pretty good, especially the part about NORBA pro's making winning less change than a crackhead finds in his couch. How true how true. I think that is part of the reason cross is gaining in popularity, you can actually WIN money at a race. Now I might not always be IN the money, but at least I know it's there. Case might be true for NORBA's too, I might not win any money but it sure would be nice knowing if I pulled off a good result I would get rewarded.
The UCI thing might even be worse than the no money idea too. I can just about tell you who is going to have a shot at the Olympic squad in '08. It's going to be the rider on a team with the biggest budget for him to fly around the world 15 times and collect those UCI points since there are none to be found in the USA which pretty much leaves 99% of the racers out of contention.
Not so with cross. American cross racers are getting great results in major races because they've been able to collect points in the USA all year, so then when they head to Europe they're aren't starting dead last. Crazy how that works!

Love Can't Buy Me Money Award: The NORBA cross-country series, during which pros raced for less money than the average crackhead can find in his sofa cushions. No cha-ching is bad enough, but no UCI points means American racers get the Katie Compton treatment when they travel overseas to where the real racing is. Rosa Parks never sat this far back in the bus. Small wonder that they're always getting lapped before they hear the echoes of the starter's pistol.

Oh yeah, almost forgot about this DOPER!

Fit to be Tide Award for the Soap Opera with the Longest Spin Cycle: The Tyler Hamilton Show. Doctors, lawyers and dogs, oh my! Soon to be a major motion picture, starring Lance Armstrong as Tyler, Sheryl Crow as Haven and Inaki Arratibel as Tugboat, with Jerry Mathers as The Beaver. Oh, God, please make it stop!

So funny but so true

Anyway. if it stops raining and starts snowing I might be able to ski tomorrow. Isn't it great to live in Wisconsin where you have the coldest December in history yet its raining outside and you can't do a thing?!

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