December 28, 2005

Skiing again

It's hard to believe but I got in another day of skiing today. There is almost no snow to be seen anywhere but it's amazing how well the ski trails stay covered, every time we pull up in the parking lot I'm expecting to see muddy trails but once again there was still enough snow to ski on and almost no bare spots. Not too bad actually.

It was looking pretty bad early on today. It was misting pretty heavy as we (Schaning and I) got out away from the lake and apparently the temperature was dropping too because as we turned onto the scenic drive there was a van in the ditch on the outside of the corner and I was sliding straight towards it for a second until the front wheels hooked up on some fresh salt. I guess the mist had turned to sheer ice so for the next mile we crept down the road until we reached the steepest hill in Sheboygan county. There was a snow plow was trying to back up it and throw salt at the same time and 1/2 way up a car off the road. We had to wait for the car to get pulled out and the road salted down so Schaning stuck his foot out the door and almost slipped out of the car but I think his seatbelt saved him. We ended up waiting for about 20 minutes while the salt trucks did there thing and eventually we were able to make it up the hill and down the other side. It was pretty intense just for a morning ski but worth it since it's raining right now and the trails are probably done for sure now for the next couple of weeks. My shoulders are pretty tired too after two days of skiing so it's probably time to take a rest day anyway.

So I am leaving soon for our traning camp in Fruita...... Nick Martin is going to tear my legs off....


Anonymous said...

I think you need to get a job during the off season. :)

Anonymous said... there's a crazy idea!

nathan said...

yo tristen its nate form nc.awsome job at nationals. i am on blog spot so hit me up. later nathan