November 23, 2005

Worst update ever and my Christmas wish

My Christmas wish!!

Out of fear of losing my fan base I decided I needed to update my site or at least explain why it hasn't been updated.
Basically, there hasn't been anything to write about. For instance, today I rode over the park and did laps on the course that we raced on a few weeks ago. I was really cold and the rain we had yesterday made the sand hard and the corners slippy which actually made it a pretty good practice until I tripped on the run-up and kicked my ankle really hard with the spike of my shoe, it was a good time to quit anyway.
I then returned home with frozen feet and hands to a warm shower and lunch. Tomato soup and sandwhich, quite tasty!
Next on the list of things to do, clean my bike. I've been pretty lucky in that none of the races have been dirty at all so this was actually the first time cleaning it since I left. I stocked up on replacement brake pads and shift housing before I left- prepared for the worst but it has sat in my toolbox since then so I decided I'd put new front pads on since they were getting worn a bit, but I did it mostly out of bordom. This weekends race might be nasty so maybe it will have been worthwhile, time will tell.
This evening I ended up at the mall in Hartford looking for something to do and thinking maybe I'd pick up a couple Christmas pressents for some people. I ended up walking around the entire mall for an hour buying nothing so, you know what you're getting for Christmas from me this year.
A 20 minute walk through the grocery store killing a little more time and it's off to home to put together the ingredients of a tasty tuna salad sandwich.
And tomorrow??? Who knows, it's Thanksgiving and I have been invited to my host's family dinner so I'll get in a frigid run/ride tomorrow morning and a little turkey in the afternoon. Hopefully some good football in there too!
So that is why I haven't updated the site, there really is nothing to write about.

And the Supermoto pictured above??? Yes, I want it. I've had a Suzuki DR650 for about 4 years now and it's time for something new. Supermoto, if you don't know, is something pretty new where you basically take a dirt bike and put 17" wheels with slicks on it and roost it around the city (AKA Urban X).
So, if you think you'd like to spend a little cash and put a smile on my face, it'd be great if someone picked one of these up for me.

I'd have to quit racing and start, um, racing!

I've got the wheelie down but not quite this good

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Eric O. said...

Thats the same bike that I've been eyeing out.I currently have 2 motorcycles.A KX125 and a 1200cc 1983 venture royale that I picked up from my boss last weekend for $500.I'm betting I can turn around and sell it later for $3,500.After both bikes are sold I'll probably get the DR-Z400sm.Thats my plan anyway.It truly is a sweet bike though, I hope you get it.