November 25, 2005


4" of snow fell Thanksgiving morning so I've been saving myself the trouble of having to clean bikes by riding the trainer in the basement.
Only thing is that it only hit 31 today so maybe 2-3" is still on the ground. Tomorrow is supposed to be mid 30s which means it's all going to melt and I'm pretty sure the race is going to be a mudfest, how could it not be?!
Both of my bikes are ready to race so my plan is to race one on Saturday and totally waste it, then make the 8 hour drive down to Virginia and race the 2nd bike on sunday!
It's going to be a brutal weekend of driving but I think that not many of the guys are going to be willing to make the drive therefore making the field of racers not as deep on Sunday.

I think the race on saturday is just going to be one of those races where you just need to keep your bike up and not have a mechanical because with that much snow melting it's going to be horrible. The other thing is to stay warm, as I found out at the last snowy race. 37 degrees with snow/water/mud is going to be coooooooooooold. Nothing like trying to dismount and run when you can't feel your feet!!
And the most important articles to remember at muddy races??
A towel and plastic bags for demolished clothing.

Sunday's race is just outside of DC which should only add to the traveling madness as that place is a clusterbomb the way it is muchless on a Holiday weekend, I'm looking forward to that!

That's it for now, plastic bags and towels are being packed!

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