November 20, 2005

NC Gran Prix #2 - Hendersonville, NC - 5th

I don't know where I'm going, but I know where I've been!

Same story, same result. The course was much harder today with scary fast corners and lots of off camber sections but still, no one could get away.

Midway through the race it was going hard and then everyone sat up through the start finish so I threw down a good attack opening up a sizeable gap. I was hoping someone would come along or bridge across but after a good one lap jam session I was back in the field looking at everyone to see what would happen next.

There were a bunch of crashes on the off camber corners and with the larger groups going through the corners there was some pretty aggressive riding. I took an inside line into a corner forcing "another rider" outside and I guess he didn't like it. Next thing I know I'm being hip-slung almost to a standstill as "this guy" shoots past me up the hill. Not cool dude, I was really mad and immediatly rode up next to "this guy" and shoved him as hard as I could into the woods, yeah, take that dude and chill out!!! I don't like being hipslung, although, I do remember this one time during superweek a few years ago when someone in front of me was letting a gap open in a cross wind and hip slung him so bad it was crazy. I remember him swearing so many things at me that I was pretty scared and then I was even more scared he was going to get back on and crash me. That's when I raced with Saturn and those guys were teaching me dirty euro moves, but I guess it worked cause I was still in the race and he wasn't.

Back to the cross race. In the end the race was decided in the last 1/2 lap when things finally went hard. I was gapped off when another rider was dropped but I couldn't close the gap.

So, another weekend in the books. I'm a little smarter and a little faster.
Back in the car and back to Connecticut.


Anonymous said...

Nice job man, keep racking up the points! You staying out there til Nats or coming back for JingleCross and Kansas city?

Anonymous said...

Is "hipslung" a tactic?

capt tenneal said...

who did you hipsling?

Jeremiah Bishop said...

Yo !

You came thru Harrisonburg and you didn't even call me


Good work at the cross races. :)


Anonymous said...

update your blog homo