November 1, 2005

Tuesday - getting ready

Today was unpack, do laundry, ride, and then think about what I need for a 5 week trip out east. The weather could be like this>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
or worse so I'm pretty much bringing every piece of clothing I own. I got some awesome Nike longsleeve thermal baselayers today from Trek which are going to be great for the cold weather.
I'm trying to think of things like fenders, trainer for parking lot warmups, mittens and anything else I might miss just about the time I forget to bring it. My cycling hat saved my life on Saturday so I can't forget that. I have a really sweet one from Nike too that has earflaps and is insulated that is probably going to get some action this month. Cables, housing, and brake pads are definitely coming along too since you go through about a set per race if it's brutal out.
That's it for now.

...and all the Powerbars, Harvest, and Power gels I can
handle for 6 weeks

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Anonymous said...

yo tristan, you gonna win Iceman this weekend?? I'm pullin for you... screw jhk, craig, brown and those chumps. its all you man