November 2, 2005

Local pros vs. pro pros - Iceman 2005

Will this be the last year a local ringer or midwest talent wins the iceman??? I'd like to think not but it seems the race is shaping up into a world cup with the confirmed entrance of Adam Craig along with the rumor of Travis Brown and National champion JHK also joining in the fun with Minnesotan's Jeff Hall and Doug Swanson to round it out. It's going to be a different race than other years since there will be 5 more guys capable of winning that weren't there the last couple of years.

Still, I'm hoping a local ringer can pull it off and show up those really pro pro's who actually get paid to race unlike the rest of us who try and pay for their season by winning the Iceman.
I remember lining up against Ryder Hesjedel the year I won thinking there is no way I'm going to beat this guy. I then proceded to watch as He crashed hard in the last 3 miles of the race and I was able to win.
Then last year Subaru brought in Liam Killeen to rip our legs off. I think he would have won except he cracked his super lite Olympic frame which ended his race 6 miles from the finish. Could the race be too hard for the really pro pros?? Saturday will tell all so I'll line up like any other race I do and hope for the best, after all, you never know what could happen in a mountain bike race.

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