October 31, 2005

USGP #2 Gloucester, MA

I can't say it was my best weekend of racing because it wasn't that great. Saturday's race should have been really good for me except I underdressed and paid the price while Sunday's course had lots of open windy sections that really slowed me down. I just couldn't seem to find a wheel to sit on at the right times and ended up pulling myself on all the open sections for the first few laps wasting precious energy. I did finally end up getting caught by a group which actually helped bring me up to a few more guys that I picked off in the end but Sunday's course just didn't seem to suit me that well. I didn't seem to have great legs either but that's just an excuse. There was just too much open course that I didn't have the power for. It's just going to take a few more of these to get the speed down after mtn. bike racing the last few months.
check out Gloucester Sunday evening as we left, it looks tropical after saturday's snowstorm!

Warming up Saturday

This picture was taken at about 11am when it first started snowing during the mens B race. The rock in the background is supposedly the second place the Pilgrams landed.

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CXKing said...

You should've come over and warmed up under the Alan tent. We had room. My warm-up on saturday was sitting in the team van with the heater on drinking red bulls.