November 15, 2005

Sandpits of pain

Pain in my face

How is that these volleyball courts of pain always appear at cross season? I never see any of these volleyball courts any other time of the year but somehow every cross race around the country can find a park with the deepest, softest, grittiest, power sapping, drivetrain munching sand out there!
Run through, ride through, S-turns in it, U-turns around it, and bunny-hop into it - every race designer has come up with his own design that utilizes the most amount of sand possible and inflicts the greatest amount of pain in the space given.

Every good cross race takes pride in its sandpit. Expect it, deal with it, and love it!!


Jay Richards said...

Ya but didja ger tu dat turkey shoot.

Anonymous said...

Bunny hopping into a sand pit? Wow, that must be extremely grueling

- Jay