November 16, 2005

On the road...again!

Where does the road take me this week? Hendersonville, NC to be exact. 830 miles, it's actually closer to drive there from Wisconsin than from Connecticut!
I'll leave this afternoon for a friend's place in Philly and then do the remaining drive on Thursday.
I'm hoping that with the USGP going on in San Fran, this same weekend, that this might be my oppurtunity to pick up some good UCI points and hopefully some cash$

It looks like the weather is pretty bad in Wisconsin the last few days so I'm not going to complain when it's 64 here, raining, but still 64! I actually road the trainer for an hour this morning instead of riding in the rain but then I went out running in it anyway but at least there's no bikes to clean after running.

That's it, time to hit the road.

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Anonymous said...

hey man, it is all snowy and cold up here! Hope NC goes well. I'm half tempted to make the drive down in search of points too, but will probably be convinced otherwise by the long drive. Watch out for the NC guys, they don't believe in glueing their tubies on until less than 8 hrs before race time! Scarey!
-Jim Holmes