November 14, 2005

Northampton, MA - Cycle Smart UCI - 10th

Yesterday's race was tough. With a run-up (or wall!), barrier section, sandpit (run only), and another ride/run-up (ride if you're good) it was by far the hardest course I have done yet. With 3 laps ago I could barely put one foot in front of the other on the run-up and kept tripping on myself.

The race shook out basically the same as on Saturday although the front group was blown apart a lot sooner with 2 or 3 groups forming early. The start was alot narrower and I wasn't able to move up as far before it got narrow so when the gaps started opening I wasn't even close to making the gap. I was suffering pretty bad for the next 6 laps and then right as we were catching J. Anthony with 3 to go I lost my focus and in a brief moment of weakness I lost the wheel and a 10ft gap formed. I just couldn't close it for the life of me and ended up riding in solo for 10th. Had I stuck to the wheel I could have been racing for 7th.

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