November 18, 2005

Asheville, NC

I made it down to Hendersonville, NC late last night after a brutal drive from Philly. Only sweet part of the drive was filling up with gas in southern Virginia at a $1.99 a gallon!!!

I pre-rode the course today and I'm not sure what to think of it yet. It's really wide open and lots of the tight corners aren't very tight because the course IS so wide. There will be two run-ups and lots of off camber sections but nothing very technical. It was windy today so I think that will have a lot to do with the race more than the course itself.
It was amazing how many guys I new pre-riding! A crew from Michigan drove down, Bart Gillespie (norba pro)
Michael Cody, Jason Tullous, and some others are all going to be throwing it down which should make this a pretty tough race even though the "Big" dogs aren't here.

Random bridge in NY

My brain is still fried from the drive so I'm still in recovery mode. I had to ride for 2 hours today to get my legs
up to speed so hopefully they're ready to go now. Nothing worse than racing on car legs but I think I've got them cleared out and ready to roll.


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