November 3, 2005

Head'n East

Everything is packed and I'm ready to hit the road on my 5 week adventure.
I've got housing lined for the whole trip. I was told that the mountain biking is great where I'll be staying so I can spend my time checking out some East coast trails. I guess there are also some CX practice rides during the week which will make training a bit easier.
I think it's going to be a really good trip and I'm hoping all the racing pays off with some good $$$ and some good form for next season.
I don't know how much internet I'll have for the next few days with all the traveling but I'll try to keep the site updated with anything crazy that goes down along the way.
That's it, that's all
See you at the Iceman!!


Jeff Kerkove said...

Give'r hell man!
And cross your fingers it don't snow.

Martini said...

Tristan, your killing it! Keep it up bro. The longer you can hold on to your form the easier it will be able to build on it next year. Cheers from CO.