November 4, 2005

Current situation


After driving for about 8 hours we arrived in Kalkaska, MI where the race starts. One problem, apparently we left an hour earlier last year because upon arrival this year it was already dark. This is rather annoying for me since I usually get in a good ride on Friday's before races. No problem though, we suited up anyway and rode in the dark for 45 minutes dodging cars on a back road in Michigan. I guess that will have to do. I think I'll ride in the morning before the race just to get spun out again.
So the place we are saying is, lets say, Ikea. It doesn't just have IKEA stuff in it but it actually feels like you are in the store shopping because everything in here is IKEA. The house is actually a cabin on the shores ( literally) of lake Michigan with huge windows, a balcony, enclosed deck and more bedrooms than I can count. It's in the middle of nowhere too on some desolate road so it feels pretty secluded. The story coninues below....

Brians pretty PRO eh??

Apparently the 8 hour drive fried Brians brain more than mine because when we pulled in he missed the driveway and ended up in the sand by the beach. After 10 minutes of pushing and spinning we've given up and called AAA. I told him this is good oppurtunity to push Hyundi for the 4 wheel drive Tucson instead of the sissy front wheel only. The car was definitely burried up to the axels at one point, I think it's bottomed out on the frame right now.

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