November 6, 2005


Not much time to write but here is the top five, more to come...
1. Adam Craig
2.Doug Swanson
3.Tristan Schouten
4.Jesse Jakomait
5.Travis Brown
6.Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski
7.Cary Grumelot
8.Brian Matter


c money said...

good job buddy!! looking forward to hearing how it all panned out. C Money

Jordan Peterson said...

Dang you should feel reallll good beating T Brown and JHK!!!


Great job Tristan. Here are the correcr results. Have a good CX swing out East....Put it down

1 Adam Craig 23 Cornith ME Giant Bicycles 1:29:26
2 Doug Swanson 55 Plymouth MI Trek/vw 1:29:40
3 Tristan Schouten 50 Sheboygan WI Trek/vw 1:29:51
4 Jesse Jakomait 33 Sault Ste Mari 1:30:04
5 Travis Brown 19 Boulder CO 1:30:35
6 Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski 32 Boulder CO Subaru - Gary Fisher 1:31:36
7 Russ Tiles 57 Grand Haven MI Slingshot Bicycle Company 1:31:49
8 Brian Matter 40 Sheboygan Fall WI Pwc Cycling 1:31:50
9 Michael Simonson 51 Clarkston MI Bell's Beer / Trek 1:31:53
10 Carey Grumelot 2594 Anchorage AK 1:32:00
11 Jeff Hall

Anonymous said...

way to go tristen...keep it up!!