October 29, 2005

Quick update

Live and learn. Today I learned and barely lived.
No rain, just snow and lots of it. It fell all day leaving the course snow covered and slippery as snot.
I had a great call up and was super conservative on the first lap as I watched rider after rider crash themselves out. Somehow by the end of the first lap I was riding in 4th just because I hadn't crashed yet. Only problem was I was already frozen solid relizing as each second passed I was underdressed. Midway through the second lap my body went into total shock as my upper body went into hypothermia recovery mode cutting off blood to my extremeties which left my fingers bouncing off the bars since I couldn't squeeze.
The course was treacherous as you can imagine riding a cross bike on grass with 2 inches of snow on it. It was actually snowing so hard each lap you couldn't see where you had ridden the last lap because the snow had covered it up!
Well, I started goign backwards and ended up blowing my 4th into a 24th. Pretty pathetic but after the race I rode straight to the car and cried in the front seat I was so cold. I couldn't think or move except for the uncontrollable full body shiver I was in. I was bent over with my head between my knees and writhing in pain.Couldn't even take my sopping gloves off because my fingers didn't work. Oh, if I'd only put on that second longsleeve!!
Well, after thinking I was going to die for about 30 minutes I managed to get my wet clothes off. I have seriously never been so cold in my life. I was biting my tongue from shivering so hard at one point!
I saw Ann Grand by her car after the womans race full on bawling, bent over in the front seat same as me and I remember thinking it couldn't be that cold. 1 hour later that was me.

Well, my fingers have shrunk back down to normal size now so I guess that means I can race tomorrow. Sweet, I love cross racing!

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