October 28, 2005

Gloucester, MA

I'm using an older Mac and I can't figger out the html coding to load a few pictures so you'll have to do without for a few days.
Today we drove up to the course and rode a few laps. It's a pretty fun course and is going to be pretty hard. Lots of tight and off camber corners which should be even tougher tomorrow since the weather is calling for a high of 43 and 100% chance of rain with possible snow/sleet. Perfect for cross!!

The good new is the UCI did come out with there first CX standings and it looks like my trip to Michigan for the UCI races there paid off as I now have 15 UCI points which will actually give me a really good start position I think. 15 points puts me at 26th American, 90th in the world currently so if I can move up a fair amount during the race I'm hoping to crack the top 10 and make some good money and more points. Sunday's race is the bigger of the two so I'm hoping to get comfortable tomorrow and settle the nerves and then maybe go for a little more on Sunday. I'll have to see how it goes. I still feel a bit like an amature when I line up at big CX races since I haven't done a ton but when I comes down to it I know I have the ability so I just have to focus on that.

I'm pretty excited about lining up tomorrow at the big show and seeing how I stack up with these guys. I know I've done nationals before but starting back row just isn't quite fair, maybe I'll actually see the front of the race this weekend if the start position holds true.

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