October 19, 2005

How come my legs are still burning?

If you do this
Then you need this

Today I got to try out my new cold weather weapon. I'm bracing myself for the cold when it does finally arrive, or when I have to drive out east for CX nats in December when it WILL be cold, and today was the trial run. Wow, this stuff is sweet! I've been trying to find it for awhile now and finally found it online. I should be set now for the cold weather racing. This stuff makes your skin feel like it's melting off! No kidding either, it takes awhile to get going but once it does 30 degrees with no legwarmers is no problem. The worst part is showering after the ride, the water makes it feel like someone has a blowtorch to your legs it's that strong! Somehow water or pressure activate this stuff and it really gets going. If you plan on riding in the cold this fall, I suggest using it. Maybe the milder version for those of you that can't take the heat though since it's 10pm and my legs are still on fire!!

CX photos from

I've been finding so many good pictures lately I can't help but post them. It seems like every race I do these days there is someone there taking pictures. It's pretty awesome, except that my computers hard drive is filling up fast!!!


Neil said...

I used that stuff in High School track. It is activated from moisture in your skin. Problem is if it is raining or generally wet, it will get SUPER HOT and could be uncomfortable riding. I would try to wipe any residual Icy Hot off before taking a shower, you already no what happens if you don't!!

Jordan Peterson said...

I like your shaved legs.

Anonymous said...


Ric said...

I used that same heat in high school track and in college track. Where did you find it? Let me know when you have a chance.


Tristan Schouten said...