October 23, 2005

Cam-Rock Park CX race

Well, my race weekend turned out a bit like the Packers game today, I lost. Well, not really lost, 2nd isn't really losing but I didn't win. Matt Kelly took top honors at the action packed CX race Saturday afternoon.
The first true cross race of the season. 47 degrees, windy and cold. Scattered rain all day made the course greasy in spots but perfect for cross.
Jesse Lalonde tore up the first lap before he crashed on a slippery pavement/grassy corner and decided to let the guys on the cross bikes duke it out. I had my hands full keeping Matt and his Alan teammate Earendale in check. It was a tough race since I was outnumbered but it really was fun to actually race and have to think a little instead of just attacking and riding off the front.
Matt attacked throughout the race and I followed and controlled deciding it was to my advantage being outnumbered not to work. In the end Earendale dropped his chain 1/2 through the last lap leaving Matt at the front, me on his wheel and Jesse Lalonde sitting on me.
I really wanted to get to the front because of the sharp corners coming into the finish but Matt would have none of it attacking the final runup with fury and holding me off into the final corners. We both came out of the corner and dumped the clutch hard roosting motocross style but the sprint was to short and Matt held me off through the line.
It was a pretty fun race and I remember thinking after it was over how short it seemed. Time flys when your having fun!!
Now it's a few days of recovery before heading out to Boston, MA on thursday for some serious cross racing US Gran Prix style. I feel like I've got some good late season form going right now so who knows, maybe I can get a good result out there. We'll see what happens.

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