October 18, 2005

Gone riding

I couldn't help it, I jus had to go riding today. Not just a ride though, an epic. It was the perfect day and all I could do was think about how sweet it was to be out.
I pumped up the cross tires to 70psi and headed out, not sure where, just out. I ended up out past Glenbula before deciding to head south. As I went past the Greenbush trailhead I decided to do a loop on the ski trails before continuing on to Parnell. I hopped on the Ice age trail at hwy 67 and rode it for 20 minutes till it spit me out by the tower. It was pretty bumpy with 70psi and made me relize my wrists were still sore from Saturdays cross race, but it was still awesome to be riding the trail out in the middle of nowhere with noone around and the Ipod rock'n.
Anyway, I ended up heading back west on the scenic drive loop that goes past parnell before turning and coming back in through Cascade and Waldo. I got alittle lost at one point but no worries, I had nothing else to do today.
I think I wore my tires out the rest of the way but it was pretty cool to do that ride on a cross bike so I could jump on the different trails to brake up the pavement along the way.

There were so many ladybugs out today too, I kept having to flick them off me and tell them that " no one rides for free"!! Even a dragonfly tried catching a ride at one point, I didn't notice him at first so he might of gotten a couple free miles out of me but not too many.
Anyway, total for the day was 4.5 hours of riding. Not bad for a fall day in October. I figure now I can take a day or two off when the weather isn't so nice.
I should have brought my camera along and taken some fall color shots but my pockets were pretty full of food and bottles so I decided not too. Oh well, I guess everyone knows what an orange and yellow tree looks like anyway.

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