October 27, 2005

Boston, MA

Arrived at Boston Logon Airport today at 10:30 AM. I had to get up pretty early so I'm wasted now.
Picked up this sweet Windstar minivan with Brian and headed over to his cousins house about 20 minutes from the aiport, not too bad for free housing. It's only about a 40 minute drive to Gloucester from here too so even better!
After getting the bikes together (pictured above) we headed out on the bike trail to downtown Boston. Pretty standard bike trail except that it crossed about 50 0f the busiest roads I have ever crossed. I almost got taken out twice but somehow managed to elude both of the oncoming SUVs. Well, we did make it downtown but there really wans't much to check out in spandex and I was getting pretty cold so we flipped it and rode back home. So far I'd give Boston a 5 out of 10 but there is lots off weekend left so we'll see if it gets better. If there weren't so many cars I think it would be better but traffic is out of control!
Tomorrow we'll head over to the course, do a little preriding and then park it on the couch and wait till Saturday. Everything is prettty soggy around here so Im not sure what the course will be like, I guess we'll find out tomorrow.
Thhhhhhhat's all folks

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Anonymous said...

kick some tail out there will you two yahooooooos