October 24, 2005


the lead group camrock park CX

I've been pretty busy the last few days. I put new brakes/rotors in my Girlfriends car Monday and replaced worn rotors in my car today. I also got out and rode for a couple hours, I'm doing some secret workouts in prep for the Iceman and CX races this weekend. I can't say what they are cause everyone would beat me then but I'll say you can't do them if you don't like suffering and I'm talking seeing your breakfast from two hours earlier suffering!!
That said I think I'm ready for some USGP of CX this weekend. I am pumped to be going to this race since I've heard it's pretty awesome AND on Halloween weekend. I wonder what kind of madness will occur??
This will be 3rd and 4th UCI CX race of the year already!

I've also been busy emailing race promoters and people who know people, who know people. The reason?? I'm putting together an East coast UCI cross crusade for myself. It looks like I will be leaving for 5 weeks of East coast CX races right from the Iceman next week, crazy huh.
I've pretty much have housing lined up for all 5 weekends of UCI races out east. Hopefully I can get my foot in the door of the CX world doing this. I'm also hoping I can get some good UCI points for a good call-up at nationals in Rhode Island and hopefully make some money along the way. I guess we'll see how this weekend goes before I get too excited about the whole thing.

Looks kinda like he's smelling
the barriers
Don't do this at your next cross race!!!

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Anonymous said...

Let me know if you're going to be down near Philly at all. If you're interested, I know there's a few races down in the area coming up, Nov 5 and 6. Either way, let me know where you'll be, I'd like to show up if I can. Keep me posted, give me a call if you have a chance-