September 13, 2005

Pro and not Pro

That's Jordan Carr holding an umbrella for me before I bust out the anchor lap at 23 hours 50 minutes into the 24 hour race, doesn't look like I'm suffering too bad I guess. Jordan was going to do the 24 hour singlespeed race but pulled out after having some stomach problems, or maybe he just wanted to hold the umbrella for me. Anyway, it took all season to be pro enough to get someone to hold an umbrella for me, thanks Jordan!

Now something that is not pro. Just checked Velonews and Canadian Chris Shepperd just got busted for EPO!
Here is a pro mountain biker that I have been racing against all year and that consistently finishes top 5 because he has been doping. That makes me so mad!!!! I try so hard to make it and someone that has been doping has been taking spots away from me. I might be top 10 in the rankings if this keeps up, it makes me wonder though how I would be doing if we were all on the same playing field.


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Anonymous said...

Canadians suck eh! Think about all your top tens last year when 3 or 4 Canadians were in front of you...could have been sweet Norba podium time for PCW!