September 14, 2005

Nibbles, bits, and bytes

Just heard that Apple came out with a new Ipod, sure enough. It's called the Nano and it looks really sweet. But really, how many different Ipods can they make to do the same thing? I guess they just keep making them smaller but really, if you make them any smaller they're going to get to awkward to use. I guess it does look pretty sweet but I'm pretty happy with my generation 4.
I was checking out the iBooks too, I really want one. I'm pretty sure when I get a laptop I'm going to get an iBook so I think I am going to start doing some homework on them so when I finally make enough on ebay I'll be ready to make the purchase. Maybe if I can win Chequamegon I'll think about getting one.
I really need a digital camera too so I can put pictures on my website. I had a ton of pictures from the 24 hour race but my camera finally died on the way home and I lost them all. Bummer. I really like the sony cybershot but it's pretty expensive.
I guess my legs will do the deciding this weekend when we hit Rosie's field and they let me know if they've shown up or if I left them in Winter Park at the 24 hour race.


Sony said...

Go with the Sony, it's good buy and well worth your money. =)

Jordan Carr said...

yeah the sony is nice but it is fragile.
The ibook on the other hand is awesome.
Im typing this on one now....