September 12, 2005

24 Hours of suffering

The food table

Well, the race was over almost 30 some hours ago and I'm completely blown out. I've never done anything so hard in my life! My legs feel amazingly well but my brain is in lala land, it'd be nice if my legs stay'd that way but the next couple days might have something different in mind for them.

The race went really well for us, We finished 2nd, only FOUR minutes down on 3D!! It was a bit dissappointing losing by so little especially in a race that's 24 hours long but the race was so intense it might have been hard to keep motivated had it been a blowout one way or another. The course was not as hard as I would have liked it, mostly horse trails and logging roads which meant big ring and high speeds. The night lap times were only about 3 minutes slower than our day laps which pretty sum up the fact that it was technicaly unchallenging.

The condo

The laps were so fast that it was almost impossible to sleep. We were doing about 46-50 minute laps all night which meant that by the time you got out of your chamois and into something warm it was only an hour before you had to get ready again. I tried sleeping but with my stomach tied in a knot and my mind still going in the big ring it was impossible to slow down enough to sleep. It was pretty hard trying to force food down after going max effort at 4am but when your next lap is in another 2 hours it's pretty much mandatory. I started eating some pretty wierd things but I think all in all I at about 20 power bars cause they went down so easy.

Ramon Noodles, mmmmmm - tasty at 8am!
Supper or breakfast???

The race came down to me doing the anchor lap at 1:50 and us being 7 minutes down. I blasted out a 47 minute lap taking out 3 minutes on 3D but not enough to take the win. I was pretty pumped to still be doing 47 minute laps 24 hours but in the end it was just 4 minutes.

There's going to be a few other good stories when I remember them so check back for that and some race pictures. My camera died so I'll have to rely on Nick for that.

I wonder if Nick woke up yet.

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