August 14, 2005

WORS - Mine to lose

Well, today's WORS race was a bummer. I was really tired this morning when I woke up and got more tired as the day went on. I didn't warm up too hard and by the time it was time to line up I was about ready to take a nap and felt pretty unmotivated.
Don got everyone called up, I think I was like 18th so after we finally got started I had to work my way up on the road leadout but it wasn't bad. I was sitting about 3rd wheel when we finally hit the grassy climb and hoping it wasn't goign to go any harder, it didn't. I made it over the first climb with about 6 or 7 of the normal crew sitting with J Money pulling the train. I still wasn't very motivated but half way through the first lap I realized this was going to be a very short race and that if we all sat on Jeff's wheel it was going to be really boring too!

The second lap through I decided to get motivated and moved to the front. I went pretty hard up the climb and jammed it pretty hard over the top and whadyaknow, I gapped everyone! It was short lived as J Money went to the front and pulled it back but now I was motivated and the group was down to three - Matter, Money and Me.
Third lap through I attacked harder up the climb, this time opening up a larger gap and I kept the pressure on. Jeff finally pulled it back at the bottom of the course and I was pretty blown from the effort but I think they were too.
Fourth lap I just chilled and recovered while I let Jeff pull us around more and I think we passed about 100 lappers that time around, it was really really really BAD!!! It wasn't even fun racing because it was just a battle to get around people the whole time.
Somehow we dropped Matter in the mess, I guess he was cramping and he let me on Jeff's wheel so that was cool. I was preparing for the onslaught up the final climb again.

It didn't happen, there were too many people in the way. At the top of the climb Jeff rides along side me and says "this should be fun", He was right. We basically rode together till the last climb where I made another huge attack but Jeff hung on. I led into the last singletrack and got caught behind 7 comp riders going half our speed. From there it was full sprint into the gravel downhill corner with all 9 of us, I came out first with Jeff squeezing through next to me but I pinched him off and blasted down the hill thinking I had the "W" for the day. Wrong! Coming out of the last corner a lapper is in front, I tap my brakes and J Money takes the hot inside line blasting past me. That was it. I sat up and came across the line shaking my head, I just lost the race in the final 20 feet!

Oh well, it wasn't too bad considering I almost fell asleep on the start line.
I think I'm the overall winner of the day though. My drive to the race = 1 hour. Jeff's drive = 5 hours!


Sony said...

I did a terrible job cheering for you...maybe you would have won if I'd done better.
Jamie and I should have set up some boobie traps to get those slow riders out of the way...=)

Anonymous said...

i saw you and j $ when you hit the gravel wow!