August 16, 2005

Not Much

Not much went on today. I finally got a good nights sleep but still didn't feel that recovered from the WORS race. I think it was harder than I thought even though it was short. I guess the shorter they are the more intense they are but even so...

I have been mailing out eBay stuff today and that's a pretty tough job. People always want to know how much to ship to such and such a country so you look it up on USPS and they give you a price but then it's differen't at the post office. I think from now on I'm only doing US shipping, it's too complicated mailing outside the US.

I did the Tuesday night worlds ride tonight but got dropped a couple times cause I didn't feel that good and didn't want to ride in junk zone. I sat up whenever things got too hard. It was a smaller group and it's hard to do that when everyones expecting you to take a pull, I probably shouldn't have done the ride but it was the only way to get motivated for a 3 hour ride.

Tomorrow I'm riding out to Tom's of Wisconsin for another months worth of Vitamins. He's been hooking me up with some pretty good stuff that seems to be working really well so it's time to restock before heading out East next week. If you've never been to Tom's I suggest you check it out, He's got tons of all natural food and vitamins and he seems to know his stuff. He's also got coffee and snacks if you're ever hungry on a ride, check it out next time you ride by!


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