August 25, 2005

Rest day

Today I took it easy and went on a short one hour ride with Megan and Barry Wicks. Barry new a good route that took us down a valley and then back through the woods on a gravel road. It was pretty sweet with huge old houses tucked way back in the mountains and only a dirt road to get to them. Everything is so old out here but it's pretty cool. The weather is perfect again today so it's been really nice for riding and it's going to great for racing.

I got my bike worked on by Dave today. It needed some new shift housing and the derailleur needed a little tweek. The guys at Shimano tried to stiffen up my rear brake but with no luck again, oh well, I guess it's going to stay the way it is.

Congratulations to Jesse Lalonde on winning single speed world champs last sunday! I got the story from Travis Brown who said Jesse laid down a serious attack up the last climb to hit the singletrack first and take home the win. It was a pretty stacked field but I guess lots of guys had flats or other mechanicals and Jesse rode consistently and then was able to beat Travis up the last climb. We'll be expecting a little more from you now at the WORS races Jesse!!

My ipod just went dead so it's time to recharge.
Thanks for reading.

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Anonymous said...

Great job on this blogspot-best of luck this weekend to both of you.This sounds like such a great vacation-must be nice.Riding,racing,meeting new people,great weather and nice scenery.And taking a boatload of money from the o2s race.Congrats on super racing here in marquette county in a tough race.
A big fan from marquette!