August 26, 2005

Another pre-ride

Near the start finish

The techy uphill

Nick was out on course taking pictures today and got these, thanks Nick!

Did a hot lap today with Nick and Nick and it was fast! Shriver was "hiding" in the woods as we came by and said we were flying. It's still dry and now it's getting rough with all the traffic on the course and brake bumps are developing in all the rocks and roots to make it sketchier. I guess we're doing 4 laps which puts the winner at about 2:30, that's pretty long. I think last year I was only 9 minutes down on Liam so I'm hoping to better that this time around, but with the race being that long it might just be survival out there. I can't wait till my forearms cramp on the the last lap from being rocked on the downhill for 4 laps, that's going to be fun! Nothing like trying to pry your fingers off the bar to shift. I'll be riding the dual suspension for the first time in about two months so that should help with things.

Tomorrow's the big day so it's time to relax -
I wonder if Martini can ride a wheelie yet?

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