August 24, 2005

Mount Snow pre-ride

I Finally made it out on the course yesterday afternoon and it's perfect. I got in two laps with Megan and then a lap with T. Brown and it was pretty awesome after sitting in the car for two days. The course is as dry and rocky unlike last year when it was wet and slippery. I wouldn't mind if it was a little weter but the descent is crazy enough without it being slippery too!

This morning I got two more laps in so I'm pretty dialed on it.
The weather is perfect here right now at about 75 during the day and down to around 50 at night. I think the rain will hold off until Sunday so the race should be fast and furious.

I've got a pretty good slice in my rear tire sidewall from the ride today so I'm not sure if I'll run heavier tires for the race or keep the lighter setup that I have on now. I guess I've got 5 laps in now without flatting (knock on wood) so maybe I'll leave the setup that I have on and watch the weather for this weekend. A little rain here changes the course dramatically because the rocks turn into ice and the roots into slime.

I think tonight we're heading over to Gringos for a burrito for supper so I'm getting pretty excited about that. I haven't had a burrito for about a week now and I'm going through withdrawl.

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CXKing said...

Tristan-Who is "the real WI state champ"? I thought it was you since you're the WI champ. Or is it matter? Sorry for the confusion.