August 18, 2005

Priority Mail

My eBay sales have wrapped up and today is the big day at the USPS. I do the online shipping which is pretty sweet, it's so easy! I even have had the mailman picking up packages at my house the last few days using the carrier pickup option, I've got it down.
I have to ship a helmet to Portugal though which I'm not very happy about. I had US shipping only on it but apparently that didn't matter. It's going to be like $25 to ship that thing down there, I hope he really likes the helmet! My top seller though was an old electric typewriter that my mom gave me, it made $17!!!

I'm not riding today. I had it written in the plan as an off day and as it turns out it's supposed to rain anyway so that's cool. Instead I have to pack for the trip up north to Ore to Shore and get all this eBay stuff shipped out. I have to work today too!
I'm heading straight out to Mount Snow, VT from O2S with Megan Monroe. It's going to be a haul but it should be cheaper than flying and we'll be leaving early enough that the drive shouldn't be too bad. I am looking forward to having almost a week out there to ride the course and get some awesome mountain biking in, Mount Snow is definitely my favorite NORBA! I popped a 15th there last year so I'm hoping this year I can even improve on that but it's going to be hard. Maybe the big dogs will be taking it easy because of the World Championships the following weekend in Italy. I heard lots of them are flying straight to Europe Sunday night after the XCST, that's brutal! I actually raced in Livigno, Italy last year at the world cup so I know what the course will be like for the World Championships this year, I pre-rode the world championships - sweet.

Well, back to figuring out how to ship an electric typewriter.

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