August 23, 2005

Ore to Shore update from Vermont

It's been hard to find a connection between here and there to get an update in but finally this morning I found a coffee shop and a few minutes of time for the update.

Ore to Shore was great this year since it seemed Brian Matter and I were on form from the start. Early on we both made a move that stuck and for the next 5 or 6 miles we were solo off the front until Jeff Hall and Ian Stanford made the bridge. From there it was back and forth for most of the ride with Matter and Myself putting the hurt on Ian and Jeff in the hard sections and then watching Ian latch back on when the tandem ridden by the Eppen's would bring him back up on the road sections, it was really annoying. Then at about the 44 mile marker Brian throws down a huge attack as we hit the deep sandy descent before the woodchip climb. Jeff struggled through the sand and I sat on his wheel waiting for the move Brian and I have practiced many times at cyclocross races.
Ian is OTB at this point and Jeff is forced to chase once he's out of the sand but Brian had put a huge gap on us. We get to the woodchip climb and jeff slows to a crawl and I attack him like there's no tomorrow. I blasted up the climb and came across the gap to Brian instantly. I drove it hard from there and Jeff was gone. We rotated pulls coming down the road and only the Eppens on a tandem going mach 3 would catch us before the line. Unfortunately for me Brian outkicked me in the sprint by about a bike length but it was fine, nothing like coming in second and still getting $1,100!
It was pretty awesome coming down the homestretch trading pulls with Brian because it didn't really matter who won, we were both pumped to come in together.

From there I drove with Megan Monroe all day Sunday to Niagra, NY and checked out the falls at about 11pm with all the lights shining on them. Talk about people, there were about 10 million foriegners there speaking anything but English. It was unreal how many people were there at that time on a sunday night!! But the falls were pretty fun to see after a full day of driving especially with all the colored lights on them. Amazing!

Today I am heading up to Mount Snow and doing some good training on the course. I can't wait to ride since it's been alot of driving the last 2 days and not much riding. Hopefully I can remember the course if it's not marked yet but I don't think it should be a problem, there's lots of other trails to ride that'll be just as good.

That's it, I'm going riding!


Anonymous said...

You should consider taking your girlfriend to some of these awesome places you go. Just a thought...

Anonymous said...

(hint, hint)