August 12, 2005

Friends = Mullets + Crashes

I have some friends/co-workers that get some attention tonight for various reasons.
I was riding a few weeks ago with Adam and he told me about his crash during the Sheboygan crit during Stupidweek. Tonight I'm fooling around on the internet and find a photo sequence of the whole thing which I will share for all who didn't get to or who never have witnessed a 35mph crash during stupidweek. Glad ya didnt' get hurt Adam!

The second photoset is of a co-worker at Wolf's who goes by the name Spiro, Sally, Vern, or Kooch. He's worked at Wolf's for as long as he's had the mullet but still swears it's coming back. It doesn't rage as much as it used to but his highschool sr. picture taped to the wall at Wolf's keeps us reminded of days gone by.


I think tomorrow I am doing the Saturday morning breakfast ride and then heading up to pre-ride the the course at Calumet. It might be muddy with all the rain, plus I heard it's backwards this year so that might make it a bit more interesting. I think I have raced the Sun Run for the last 8 years so even if it is backwards I could probably see it all in my head. It's amazing how well you remember race courses and trails that y
ou've ridden on.
Remember, the mullets coming back!!


Josh V said...

You know, I was wondering, somewhere in the back of my mind, if Spiro was still sportin the hair. I kinda figured that he was, just because somewhere, somehow, you know he feels that if he cuts it off, some part of him will die. Some part of his Megadeath, Motley Crue past will be sent back to the 80's where it probably should have stayed. You've gotta admit though, for a mullet, his looks pretty darn good.
Yo, have fun up at Calumet fun-in-the-sun, hope it's not as hot there as it is here in Philly- the heat index right now, at 10:30pm is 90 degrees. Yee-haw. By the way, nice typewriter....

Biwan said...

ROCK THE MULLET!! Thanks for the props on the crash. Is that sweet or what. See ya at Calumet. I'm expecting a good battle between the She-Vegas boys! Oh yeah, check out my Blog! Peace.