August 11, 2005


My eBay sales are going through the roof! It's only been 3 days now and I'm making a killing selling old shorts, helmets, and otherwise junk! Who buys someone elses old riding shorts?? I got busted using someone elses picture for one of my auctions, they emailed and told me to take it down because it "takes away the integraty of all the auctions". I think he was just mad because I'm selling mine at $99 and his starting bid is $159! So I then went to Seiko and copy and pasted a picture directly off of there site, I'm sure they won't care plus it's way better than the other dudes.
I've got 26 auctions going right now so I'm getting a pretty good amount of dumb ebay questions like " what color and size is the blue medium jersey you're selling"? Or even better "Is the brand new with tags oakley hat new or has it been used"? Good question, did you read the description??
But ya gotta love eBay geeks, I probably wouldn't be selling used shorts if they weren't.

I rode this morning before work, it was much better than waiting until the afternoon to try and ride, plus it was raining here this afternoon so even better. I tried doing intervals but my legs said no so I decided to ride back home and let them rest. It's not worth suffering through intervals if you're not gaining anything doing them anyway so I guess I'll wait for tomorrow and see if my legs show up then.
The race this weekend isn't that hard or long so doing intervals on Friday shouldn't be too bad. I trained right through the last race and this one too since all of July was pretty much travel, recover, and race and I didn't get too many good training rides in. I don't think you really lose fitness racing and then recovering all week but I think without another block of training somewhere in there that you would probably pay for it later in the season so I'm trying to get a good block in before the next two or three big races.

I guess the mighty Packers are on TV tonight in there first pre-season game so I think it's time to bust out a scoop or two of the rocky road ice cream and see how they're doing. It's nothing but green, gold, and Brett Favre for the next 5 months!!

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