August 10, 2005

Recovery Day

Mechanic Dave Meadows prepares for the XCST with Me.
I prepare for the XCST the night before!
JB checks out the storm clouds brewing

I think today I'm going to rest. Two hard days of racing over the weekend and then two full days of traveling home means it's time to rest. I'm really tired and didn't get much sleep again last night since I was sleeping on the couch because Cousins were visiting and borrowing my room. Then my sister was at the hospital till late because she's got pnemonia and is feeling pretty wasted so it was pretty tough to sleep last night. I'm really hoping I don't get sick especially with Ore to Shore coming up so I'm pretty much hiding out and thinking I might try to find a new place to live for the next few days!

I got some more pictures from Poz today from Brian Head, He's the kind of guy that doesn' just take pictures of you while your racing but finds all the other crazy stuff you do during the day to take a picture of, it's pretty funny!

I called in to find out how busy it was at work and Spiro told me to take the day off so I guess I am. It would be nice to make a few bucks but standing on my feet for 4 hours just doesn't sound like a good time so I'm taking care of all the stuff I've put aside for the last 4 weeks and getting that out of my way.

I've got a bunch of stuff on ebay right now and hopefully I'll get some more stuff up today while I'm sitting around. I think it's goign to be a $500 session by the time I'm done so that should pay for the last trip I took.
If you need a Seiko watch, check out my auctions, my user ID is - V02maxed - I'm going to get it posted today.

I'm jonesing pretty good from my coffee right now so I'ts getting hard to type, time to drink some H2O

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