August 2, 2005

Back out to the NORBA circus

I had another good ride today with Brain Matter and Adam Biwan. We skipped the usuall Tuesday night worlds ride to do an easier, longer ride. Well, it was easy till Adam decided to do intervals uphill in his 53/11 just to prove he could. Nice job Adam!
We rode out around Parnell Tower and then a loop on the scenic drive. It’s a pretty nice route with quiet roads and some good climbs. My legs were kind of tired from standing at work again. I think I’m going to try and change my work schedule to the afternoon so I can ride in the morning when my mind and legs are fresh instead of waiting till after I’ve stood at work all morning and grown a thick set of kankles!
I’m heading out to Denver tomorrow morning. I checked my itinerary twice so I am sure my flight really is tomorrow. I showed up a day late last time I flew and ended making a lot of phone calls to United before talking them into letting me still use my ticket a day late, thanks again United dude!! It wasn’t very sweet and they probably won’t let me get by with it again but it is a pretty good story.
I think this is my fourth flight into Denver this year already!
I’m staying at Martini’s in Boulder till Thursday and then we make the long haul out to Brian Head for the next NORBA circus stop. I guess it’s at like 9,000ft again so I’ve been getting acclimated by sleeping with my head inside a plastic bag and my mouth duct taped shut with two straws in my nose. It’s a lot cheaper doing it that way than an altitude tent and the results are way better!
I’ll try to get an update on the road but we’ll see what happens. The internet is always hard to find on the road but I'll try and get a race report in.
Thanks for reading!

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Anonymous said...

You forgot to write about the part were I dropped you on that one really big climb...what's up with that? B - Matter