August 1, 2005

Monday, August 1

My first post, hmmmmm, what to write?
This could turn out harder than I thought it would be.
I'll start with my training for today.
Unfortunately my first day of training after a good 6 days off started with standing at Wolf Cycle and Fitness for 4 hours turning wrenches on Huffys, Magnas and the occasional Wal-Mart Mongoose. I suppose it's good upper body training lifting them in and out of the rack all day but they sure are a pain to work on. Did you know they still make 5 spd shifters and derailleurs?? Crazy!
After work it was a quick ride home and short nap before heading out to do my pyramid intervals. It's pretty hard to get motivated at 3 in the afternoon to do intervals but I managed to get the first one done and that's the hardest one. My legs opened up and half an hour later I was done, feeling a bit queezy, but done.
From there it was an hour and half cool down to Jamie's house and then a walk down the hill to the big pond - Lake Michigan. 20 minutes of swimming and my day is done.
I even had Lake Michigan Salmon for supper so I guess for the month of July and August I can be happy the lake is there.
Anyway, that's it for today. I'll try to come up with pictures n stuff but that might be awhile.
Thanks for reading!


Martini said...

Nice work brother!! Keep it up, this stuff gets addicting and is a blast! Thanks for linking it up to my site! I will do the same! See you this week...

Jordan Carr said...

Way to go T-Money. You need to come riding out in Colorado. Im out here for school finally.