August 3, 2005

Good travels and raining in Boulder??

Pictures provided by TJ Woodruff - World Cup/Schwietzer

Today was probably the best travel day of the year. From the time I got up at 6 this morning to head to the airport to the time I arrived in Boulder at noon was only 7 hours. I think I only waited 15 minutes after checking in to board the plane and then at DIA I hit the bus schedule perfectly, I walked up as the bus came around the corner, it was sweet!

So the last time I was here ( actually only 8 days ago) it was 104 degrees out and there were forest fires burning. Today I took a quick nap and was planning on hitting up the local Boulder shorttrack race tonight but the afternoon rainstorm has turned into an all afternoon downpour and I guess I missed my oppurtunity for a dry ride today. I'm procrastinating right now on the ride waiting for the roads to dry up. Bummer!

So I'm staying at Nick "Deisel" Ranno's tonight instead of Martini's since since the basement got flooded two days ago when the water heater broke, it's a huge mess and there are three people sleeping in the living room now so I'm pretty glad not to have to deal with that.

Tomorrow we head out to Brian Head, UT. The rumor is still flying that we'll be doing one giant lap and I only set up my Trek 9.8 hardtail to bring so I hope the course isn't too crazy. I heard it's some pretty sick singletrack so I'm pretty excited to get out there early enough tomorrow to ride for a bit.

I guess it's time to check the weather again, thanks for reading!

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