August 27, 2005

A world of pain

Today I entered a world of pain that I haven't been in for long time and I guess 16th was worth it.
I have been laying on the couch wanting to die for the last 3 hours but have finally got some food and fluids back in me and am feeling better. When I finally made it back to the condo I had to lay on the floor for 10 minutes before getting in the shower and sitting in there for another 15 while the water poured on me I was hurting so bad!!

The race was HUGE today, I think there were 11 Trek riders at the start line and over 100 starters. It was the NORBA finals so everyone was here. I had a good start sitting in the upper teens over the first few climbs and then picking some riders off in the next two laps. The 4th lap was all out survival as I fought off cramps the entire lap and then had to try and hold it together on the downhill one last time. My fingers were cramping and I was totally out of control a few times cause I couldn't pull the brake any harder but I somehow managed to make it to the bottom. I came across the line pretty wasted and both legs were pretty close to locking up. I think my time was 2:20 but I don't know the winners ( Geoff Kabush). I must of lost a lot of time on the last lap because my first lap was 32 minutes which would have put me around 2:08 to finish but it was really hard and the time gaps were pretty big between riders. The course here is definitely the most demanding on the series so to have my best result here is pretty encouraging.

Tomorrow is the short-track. I'm hoping I can put together another result - a top ten is the goal but my legs are pretty toasted so I'll have to see what happens.
I should have some good photos later on of all the suffering that went on today so check back!

Thanks for reading, Cia

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