March 14, 2013

Not Biking Season Is Going Fast

This "not biking season" that most people call the "off season" is going really fast. That's good because we have had what seems like a ton of snow the last 2 months and a ton of just normal cold weather and little sunshine. That is really miserable generally for me but since I knew Id' be undertaking this home remodel I really haven't cared at all what the weather has been like since I've been inside working like mad. We'll, the shoveling out at two houses has not been fun, I have left work many times and shoveled out one house till 1am and then up in the morning to shovel out the 2nd. I've considered it my cross training for the winter. I also consider it endurance training since a good night sleep is now about 6.5hrs and a normal day is from 8am-12:30pm at the house and at work, some nights I head back over to finish sanding or painting something too so it's ready to go in the morning again. I've been running it tight but that's only so I can be done by the time we have a little more daylight and warm weather, cold riding isn't fun anyway and I've done my fairshare over the years
This month has all been about the kitchen. My mom saw the panic in my eyes and started donating her time to the painting which has freed me up dramatically
old kitchen

late night working

new configuration
working on contertops this weekend

timeout for some ice skating in the backyard

timeout for tunnel digging in the backyard

Mom getting it done and donating her skills and time - huge thanks

22 gallons of paint and counting to cover up 100yrs of this old house,
it's back to life now
4" of snow became 12" overnight, more tunnel digging.

I just love where this came from

to where it was going...

to the final result

Next on the list is some hardwood floor refinishing and then some warm weather for touching up the outside. See, if it was warm out I'd be panicking right now, but since it's still 17 degrees out when I wake up I just write it off as another painful winter ride I'm skipping and head over the house guilt free.


Dana said...

22 gallons of paint? Wow! I'd really like to see the place soon.

Jessica said...

Wow. I never saw the original kitchen. Kind of frightening. I came in on the middle picture with everything ripped down and the floor covered with scrap wood. The pictures are worth a thousand words. The new railing and floor upstairs look great.
Somebody is going to get a really nice place to live.