July 11, 2013

I've been trying to decide the last few weeks if I wanted to get an update up and going again or if I have just run out of time for documenting things going on around me. At one point this website was pretty fun while I was traveling and racing a lot with plenty of spare time to kill in between, now there isn't much time to even get a couple of seconds on the couch much less think about a blog post.
I've thought maybe I want to take this another direction as well but I didn't really have any huge ideas that seemed any more or less exciting as reliving last weekends race or this coming weekends travel. Still thinking about that I guess.
WORS Camrock - 1st

If you know me well enough to read the blog you know I've had a pretty decent spring up until now despite a late start and lack of any real winter fitness. The longer break than normal this spring seemed to do me better than I thought it would and I came out feeling pretty fresh and fast despite being abnormally not fit. Somehow I managed to survive the first round of WORS and even came away in 3rd. I followed that up the next two rounds with wins that really surprised me. I've really been moderating my hard efforts this year and Gordy and I have been working on honing in a little more on gauging the efforts more for this fall but using racing to keep the intensity up. It's been workign rather well, feeling fresh on my rides and still having good races, which I wasn't particularily expecting. Still, the training has been getting better and better and I am feeling like I have not hit full power by any means yet but I feel I've been riding as well as any other year, I'm pretty happy with that.

The goal this year again will be a full cross schedule with Optum Pro Cycling presented by Kelley Benefits. I was fortunate enough to sign back on with them a week agp for the coming season and I am super lucky to have this support again. I'm looking forward to coming into this season a little fresher and hoping to use the next two months to really hone in on some of my weaknesses and build some pure cross strength and fitness. I think we have a good plan and it's been working well so far so we'll keep pushing away at.

This weekend I'll be racing the Pro XCT WORS race and am really looking forward to that. I'm not sure if I've got super fitness like I did 3 years ago yet but I'd like to really give it a shot to get to the front if I can get a decent callup and not get choked out of the race early on 50 guys back, we'll see how staging goes.
After that I don't have too much else on the race calendar until Ore2Shore in August and then it will be 100% cyclocross after that.

Speaking of cyclocross, I still have my equipment from last year so if anyone is looking for a deal on some Orbea cross bikes with Sram let me know, I have them for sale HERE.

I'll try and keep the blog rolling now for a while and see how it goes. Of course you can follow me on twitter where I am able to update much more often.


Anonymous said...

Finally! An update! :) Thought maybe you'd given up competitive cycling to be a land lord.

Anonymous said...

Hell ya Tristan.. are you going to dothe boulder cup again?



Anonymous said...

Damn Tristan you are fast! Stop working and market yourself!

Whitey Debroux

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