December 4, 2012

Has it been that long since I last updated? It doesn't seem like it but at the same time it feels like quite a while ago. The cross season is a bit weird because it always seems like it's packed into such a small amount of time but then as the season nears the end we have these large gaps built in and it's hard to adjust.

I think the last time I updated was before Jingle Cross so we'll step back to there for a quick review. I had a plan going in this year but it didn't really work out. Last year I raced all 3 days and it was a hard weekend with tons of riding in the slow mud. By Sunday I was cooked and didn't have a great race and at Jingle cross, Sunday is what counts. This year I decided I'd only race Saturday and hope for great legs and a great race Sunday. I'm usually better Sunday anyway plus with work and driving adding a 3rd day of racing for me is a struggle anyway. We'll, the plan worked ok, but it wasn't anything super special on Sunday so I probably should have made the extra effort and raced Friday night as well. Who knows. Both races went ok, I was 6th on Saturday and rode a majority of the race in the front group, but sunday's race I just didn't quite feel right and struggled a little bit. I wasn't riding my bike that great and having trouble on some of the corners and my legs weren't 100% like they normally are on the 2nd day. Still, I managed a 7th and that is ok. Jingle Cross is an awesome event and we are lucky to have it here in the Midwest.

pretty cool to see race director John Meehan
out cheering us on (white shirt)

So, with the season now about 2/3 over I had a chance to finally push the reset button a little, back off a few days, catch my breath, and then hit it pretty good the last two weeks. It seems like every year at this time my energy levels start going down and the same amount of sleep that worked 4 months ago is not enough anymore. There isn't much I can do about it since I can't add time to my day but I have to try and stay focused and motivated. Having the last two weeks to get some training and quality riding in should help to get me back in a routine and hopefully boost the fitness a bit and polish up again before USGP in Oregon next week. With about 6 weeks until nationals we still have quite a bit of time to go, but really for me only two more race weekends which is a little hard to deal with. It's unfortunate the National championships were moved to January, but that we'll only be able to race 1 time in December and 1 time the week before Nationals, that is a lot of time to have to train for two weekends of racing especially when you live in WI where the whether is bad and daylight is limited. It still doesn't make sense to me but it is what it is. I'm not sure if not racing is going to make me faster for nationals or not, sometimes training is good and sometimes racing is good. I just wish I wasn't watching all the east coasters score massive UCI points at all their local races while I sit at home and watch my start position move back each weekend. I guess I need to start a local series with UCI points if I am going to be on the 2nd row for nationals. Lets hope it doesn't get to that, but I might have to.


Anonymous said...

Not quite sure how you would find time to fit in starting a local series. In between training and working full-time and being with your kids and wife, maybe???

Anonymous said...

The east coast UCI races are out of hand.
Living here in Wisc is sure doesn't seem fare. Hopefully it will get better in the future.


Anonymous said...

I think it is smart to choose to live close to the race. The quality and quantity of races contribute to the popularity of the sport in New England and more people are willing to take seriously. The road and MTB racing is starting to suffer due to cyclocross.

Anonymous said...


You and Matter will crush it in Madison. Race like you did in Boulder and attack!

Good luck,

Anonymous said...

Nice gangam style cameo on SRAM