October 24, 2012

It was good to take the weekend off of racing, it  wasn't so good to have a mild case of the flu for a couple days last week. Ellie and Jamie had the flu while I was gone last weekend in Ft Collins and despite my best efforts to keep it away, there really isn't that much you can do to stay away. Probably my best effort was not to finish Ellie's meals or finish her milk, which always seems to be sitting on the table 1/2 gone, but when kids require you to do most things for them when they are 3, there isn't much you can stay away from them.

It wasn't totally out of the plan to go easy last week anyway though, I'd raced 8 times in the last 4 weeks so a bunch of days easy to recover was in order and having the flu mid-week didn't change that plan very much. That said, I was in partial denial the whole time I had it and rode maybe 45 minutes each day anyway, except for maybe the worst day when I was really achy and tired, but I still went to work and in my opinion, if I can't ride I shouldn't be at work either, but usually I don't have that option even though technically, at work, you are supposed to. It must not have been that bad of a bug in the end though and not nearly as bad as whatever layed me out for 5 days  about 6 weeks ago before Chequamegon. Or, maybe after that round it just made this one not seem near so bad.

This coming weekend starts another heavy month of racing. First I'm headed out for a quick weekend to Boulder for the races there. Then I'm really looking forward to heading over to MI in two weeks for the Iceman and also the plan is  still to get down to Cincinnati the following day for the big CX race there before heading home. Then Louisville USGP races follwing and Jingle cross to finish things off for November. Busy busy but mentally I feel really fresh and ready to go and that is good. I have prepared all season for these months and it's exciting looking forward to each event. Gordy has me on a steady good ramp the last few weeks and the results show it. Also having the travel support from Optum is making a difference, comign home and not cleaing and redoing bikes has been such a great benefit, I've actually had some time to think this year inbetween races vs. other years.

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Good luck out there!