March 12, 2012

My 2011 Felt Edict LTD needs a home! You need a mtn bike!
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Yeah, need to get rid of the rig from last year. The Felt was pretty awesome but I've got a new bike on the way and I think it's going to be even better. I'll talk about it soon but I'm going back a brand I rode quite a few years ago and am pretty excited about it. I'm still looking for a title sponsor, but at least I have some equipment now and some motivation for the trails to dry out a bit.

I've been getting in some riding. I wouldn't say a ton and I wouldn't necessarily say I'm training all that hard, but I've been getting in some steady miles and a few big weekends. I don't think it would take much to get going medium good again so I'm not pushing it but there is a point where you can't be off the bike any longer without losing a lot more fitness than I wanted so it was time to get some exercise and maintain some sort of form.

7am sunday, exciting birthday morning

I turned 30 yesterday so that was kind of a milestone I guess. I didn't think much about it until it was almost Sunday, I guess it was kind of depressing thinking that I'm 30 but at the same time it doesn't feel any different so it's not so bad. I don't really know what it is means to feel your age but if you would have asked me 15 years ago what it was like to be 30 I would probably have imagined it was a lot worse. One thing I do know is time flys and it went pretty quick but I have seen a lot of things and gone a lot of places, mostly because I bike race so I think I will keep that as my theme for a while yet and hope it takes me some new and iteresting places. Having a family might change those plans or goals along the way but I think there is room to fit them both in and still have fun and push the limits.

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