December 12, 2011

USGP Bend Day 1

I'll update a little more on the races later on but I did collect some interesting data on my new CycleOps G3 Powertap hub at the Saturday race in Bend this weekend. I did not have a good race at all but despite that the numbers are still pretty interesting. Wondering how different they would be for a better race. I actually rolled the tire off the rim 1/2 way through the race or I would have had the whole thing. In my defense it was the last wheel I glued and cut a few corners, guess I paid the price for that since I lost about 5-6 spots and a bit of time limping to the pits. It wasn't going that well before that anyway though. I think I have had the worst ever season in terms of flights getting cancelled, delayed, or re-routed and that was no different for this weekend. Friday was a 24hr travel day hence the bad race- more on that later on.

here is the data

This is probably the most interesting to me. 27 minutes of racing and 9 of it I was at zero watts or coasting - that is a lot! Figure if I rode the whole race I would have had close to 20 minutes at zero watts of a 60 minute race. It's just insane how many power spikes there are over 500 watts though in the file above though, has to be over 50.

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Aaron Swanson said...

Awesome stuff!! Geeking and loving it! Show us the Surges tab, with 9 minutes of coasting it'd be interesting to see what kinda surges you needed to still put that kinda wattage.
Aaron S.