November 28, 2011

Jingle Cross Day 3

Day 3 was hard. I'm not sure the course was any harder than day 2 but day 2 was really hard so day 3 felt like I could barely move at times. All the slow power uphill pedaling and the steep muddy run-ups really sapped my legs so yesterday they were pretty much smoked while warming up. Day 3 the only real difference was a safer decent off Mt Krumpit and a few small minor details. The mud was thicker and heavier, I thought a little more slippery too. I was running about 18psi in my tires and they hooked up awesome, completely folded over but there wasn't really anywhere to flat them so I let them rip. I couldn't believe the traction I could get out of them in the pinwheel of death, all I could hear was them purring rolled over on their side - pretty awesome.

Well, my legs were pretty smoked from the two days before. I had two decent laps and then was mostly empty after that. I could barely make it up the run-up and with 4 laps to go I wasn't sure I would be able to get up it. I was mostly riding with Troy Wells which was good, I was motivated to stay with him and battle for 6th and I knew if I came off his wheel I would suffer and slow down. I made it about until 1 to go when he gapped me on the infield by the six-pack barriers. I had trouble in that section and never cleared it well. Still, I was mostly satisfied with my weekend. The heavy riding is something I don't ride really that well in, I just don't have the straight line power for it but I thought I was better this weekend and after 3 days of stageracing maybe I'll gain some power from it for USGP in two weeks.

It was a lot of fun and I'm glad Jingle Cross has grown into a real pro race. I've landed on the podium almost every year the last 4-5 years so it was fun to make the podium at least once this weekend, it was a goal so mission accomplished mostly. It's easy to think if I had sat out Saturday like some I would have been faster on Sunday and that is most likely, but I also wouldn't have gotten a podium if I had skpped the race so it's hard to say it would be worth it. I guess it wouldn't be because I probably wouldn't have been much better on Sunday anyway.


I guess Todd Wells usually wins when I make the podium

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