October 19, 2011

Finally a chance to catch my breath at home the last week or so. Lots of recovery from the last 4 hectic weeks of travel and racing and also finally some decent training back in my legs. I was running a bit on fumes there for a while as my training going into that big block hadn't gone that well and that compounded how I was feeling at the races. Between travel, mediocre training, and marginal racing my fitness was not getting better. I managed to get through it and the last day at Ft Collins where I got 4th really got me back to where I needed to be mentally.

Then I have had the last week completely at home where I haven't raced for a weekend or two and my training has gotten back on track with good sensations and good numbers. It's interesting how motivation changes for me with how my legs are feeling. When I am riding well motivation is easy to train, but when I struggle to feel good my motivation also seems to get low and it's easy to get frustrated. This is where it's easy to crack and it takes some mental toughness to push through. Getting that 4th place really put me back on track mentally and hopefully now the good training will pay off coming up in November with the full month racing schedule there.

Two sponsors came through recently with some new product for me and that was exciting. Once I again I have gotten a couple new Lazer Genesis helmets putting me at about my max capacity for helmets in the 8-10 range. Need to get rid of a few. I love the Genesis model because I can easily wear a cap underneath it when it's cold, and it easily adjusts tight when I take the hat off. I also got another hardshell cover for over the top for when it's really raining and cold like the last few days. I used that a couple times last year racing and it was awesome.

The 2nd highlight of the week is in the works but I'll be a getting a brand new Cyclops Powertap G3 and Rolf Prima will be lacing it up on a 38 rim for racing on. I'll also be getting a new wireless hub for training on so I can do away with having to wire/unwire my 2001 prototype twice a week to race on. Every minute counts for me.

I have been extremely lucky over the years to have Cyclops support me. I got my first powertap in 2001 through a demo program because I won the WORS series that year and the powertaps were first coming out. Mine was an original prototype and it's still working perfect to this day. I've gone through 3 rims on it, but never had a problem with the hub. I can't imagine training without one anymore and I can only imagine how much harder it would be on my limited training plan to get as precise workouts that I do in the time allotted without it. The new G3 is a lighter than the previous version I have. I'll be looking to sell my Powertap SL+ on Hed Stinger 5s - check my garage page or contact me through the blog if you are interested.

Check out the interviw on CX Magazine if you haven't already, I seem to be the go to guy when it comes to working a full time job and racing interviews.


Anonymous said...

Great interview Tristan. Keep it up. -bschwalls

Anonymous said...

You are the "go to" guy because there are not too many with the mental endurance to handle what you are doing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tristan, great interview very inspiring. I believe they write this for rest of us regulars for inspiration because we deal with time battles too. It keeps us from using excuses or giving up. I hope you keep getting the sponsor support and keep racing for a long time to come. Thanks for doing the interview. See you at the WORS races and maybe a cross race or two. SS