October 23, 2011

10 Years

Last night I claimed my 4th overall WORS Elite title. Huge thanks to my sponsors for their support - Mafia Racing, Felt bikes, Shimano, GU, and Rudy Project. I had the best equipment and support you could hope for and the results show it.

10 years ago I claimed my first title when I was 19. I worked very hard to win the series that year and was very happy and surprised when I did it. I still have to work very hard to stay at the top and it's still a rewarding accomplishment to win against all the new faces that have come up through the seasons. Not sure I'll be able to do it but it would be fun to still be going for it in 10 more years, we'll see.
Huge thanks to Don and WORS for his generosity and awesome series. Race reports, interviews, national recognition all go a long way for my sponsors and his show is the best in the country, there is nothing close anywhere.


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Anonymous said...

Well done, and all without doping.